Resolution provides additional revenue for Snowmobile Clubs

At the April 12, 2015 NYSSA Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee brought forward the following motion. The motion was adopted by the voting delegates present.

“The Executive Committee of NYSSA brings forth a motion to increase the minimum annual club dues from the current $25 to $30, an increase of $5. Of the $5 increase, $4 will be retained by the club and $1 will be a donation to SledNY. Under the proposed $30 minimum dues structure, for the first club membership purchased by an individual or family, the club will retain $24 for its usage, $5 will remain the NYSSA dues charge (processing fees contained herein) and $1 will represent a donation to SledNY. For each additional membership purchased by that individual or family, the club will keep the entire $24 less processing fees. As is the case under the current $25 minimum, this is only a minimum amount that a club must charge, and clubs are free to charge higher amounts as they see fit, keeping 100% of any additional dues amount charged.”


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