Due to very low snow year-to-date, there is a large amount of pent up demand for snowmobiling in NYS and very limited locations where trails are open.  This has created a level of congestion on the open trails that requires a heightened level of awareness and caution by all snowmobilers.  Conditions in those areas that are open are likely not ideal and the potential for hazards on or near the trail is high.   Riders are advised to use extra caution and reduce speeds to account for these conditions.  Please take extra care to stay to the right side of the trail and be aware of an increased level of traffic on the trails.  Please slow down; it’s the rider’s responsibility to be cautious while riding.

Also, with snowfall scarce and temperatures higher than average, many areas have not been able to open, or keep open trails.  Despite this, there has been significant riding on closed trails.  Our trail system statewide is comprised mostly of private land.  Please do not jeopardize the long time viability of the trail system for the sake of riding on closed trails.  It is up to us, the snowmobilers, to do the right thing.    If you are unsure as to the status of the trails you wish to ride, please contact the local club, as only the local club determines whether or not trails are open.

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