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Over the past month several snowmobile fatalities have sickened me.  Loved ones did not make it home because of the irresponsible and negligent actions of others.  I would like to think that all snowmobilers operate their sleds responsibly but nothing can be further from the truth.  Law enforcement must be out on the trail to remove or control the out of control operators who think it is their God given right to ride like a bat out of hell without regard to who they may kill.  If riders don’t recognize that their mistake might kill or maim an innocent party then law enforcement must be there to remind them with a violation.

NYSSA has developed and is supporting A.1584 / S.4542  that will put more money in the hands of local law enforcement to go out and police our trails.  This legislation is being sponsored in the Assembly by Carrie Woerner and in the Senate by Betty Little.  Your letter of support is needed to ensure that the Legislature acts on this proposal.

Look up your legislator by going to and

The letter does not need to be long and you can also email your legislator.

Dear Senator / Member of the Assembly:

Please support S. 4542 / A.1584.   This legislation will provide more money for local law enforcement to ensure unsafe riders will be taken off the trail and that everyone contributes to the upkeep of the state trail system.  I am a member of the [insert your club] and have been snowmobiling for [insert number] years.  We cannot and should not tolerate unsafe snowmobilers on our trail system that is enjoyed by so many families in NY State. 

Please support this much needed legislation.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this legislation. 


(Sign your name and provide your home address)



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