All riders should use extreme caution if they choose to venture out for those last rides of the season.  In case your memory is short, don’t forget that just a week ago it had gotten fairly warm which would have produced many water holes and washouts on local trails.   The more recent deep freeze has certainly refrozen much of the trail creating icy conditions in many areas.

To complicate matters we are now expecting significant snowfall in most of the state.  If you decide to venture out for a ride remember that under the snow in many areas will be ice and there is a likelihood of buried branches and trees from the high winds that occurred for the past several days prior to the storm.  Winds blew up to 80 MPH in some areas.  In addition remember that the new snow is covering areas with no base!

Also in some areas of the state it had been so warm that some farmers wanted to get an early jump on the season so they may have asked clubs to remove stakes from the fields.  Please respect landowners wishes and if the trail says “CLOSED,” it is closed. Don’t give the landowner a reason to deny the club permission for next year.

Please don’t make your desire for some late season riding, your LAST RIDE!.  



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