Snowmobile Promotional Videos

NYSSA in partnership with SLEDNY and the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association have produced and made available a series of short videos which promote snowmobiling.  The videos depict responsible and safe snowmobiling and invite others to participate in the sport.

“Try Snowmobiling” is an invitation to the public to participate in the sport:

“Dear Mom and Dad”  is a video that breaks the stereotype of who we think snowmobilers are!

“Enjoy Winter In NY by Snowmobiling”  – several of those who are active in the sport make the case for getting out of your house and enjoying our great snowmobile system.

“10,500 Miles of Snowmobile Trails”  is introduced by NYSSA’s Trail Coordinator and invites all to go out and enjoy the trail system.

Take a few minutes and enjoy these introductions into NY’s Snowmobiling Community.


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