NYSSA Volunteers and Staff produced the International Snowmobile Congress 2015, an event attended by snowmobilers from around the world. Photographer unknown.

NYSSA Volunteers and Staff produced the International Snowmobile Congress 2015, an event attended by snowmobilers from around the world. Photographer unknown.

About the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA)

Many people wonder what NYSSA is, who makes up NYSSA and what does NYSSA do? NYSSA is a non profit 501(c)(4) organization that was organized in 1975 as the NY Snowmobile Coordinating Group. NYSSA is an umbrella organization for the 232 snowmobile clubs that organize members and steward the approximately 10,500 miles of trail around the state. NYSSA’s activities are governed by a Board of Directors selected by the clubs in each of 40 districts around the state. Our membership hovers around 60,000 and includes many families. NYSSA continues to be the largest snowmobile association in the world.

NYSSA has four Officers elected by Club delegates each year  at the Annual Meeting. They serve for two seasons, unless they are re-elected.  In addition to the Officers, there are three full-time professional staff.

Our Mission

NYSSA seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in New York State. NYSSA works toward improving trails, facilities and services for participants, and defends snowmobilers against discriminatory legislation. NYSSA works to protect landowners, review and watchdog the NYS Trail Fund and is constantly seeking additional Trail funding programs.

NYSSA continually works to improve communications in every aspect of snowmobiling. NYSSA coordinates and provides leadership for New York State Snowmobile Clubs and Organizations in developing and implementing policies, strategies and action plans which foster the growth of safe snowmobiling.

What does NYSSA do?

NYSSA serves as a statewide advocate for the sport of snowmobiling. We speak as one voice to improving our sport. With 60,000 members that voice tends to be heard. We work with state agencies to ensure that snowmobiling interests are always protected. This past year we were able to get major modifications to a land classification proposal for the Adirondacks that provided an opportunity to ride in that area. As an association, we promote the positive economic impact of the sport and ensure that snowmobile businesses are recognized for the jobs they create. NYSSA joins with other organizations such as the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, the State Farm Bureau and the NY Conservation Council to work on common issues and problems.

NYSSA is a leading advocate for trail safety. We work with all the clubs in an attempt to achieve consistent trail signage throughout the state and we provide the means of getting safety messages out to all our members.

NYSSA ensures that all its members receive benefits as a result of their membership. Every member family is covered by accidental death and dismemberment insurance at no additional cost. In addition, NYSSA members get discounts on auto, motorcycle and boat insurance and several hotel chains offer our members discounts. Need a car from Hertz, Avis or Budget? They all offer NYSSA member discounts. The defensive driver course is offered to NYSSA members at a discount through our web site.

NYSSA also raises money and makes donations to several important charities including Easter Seals, Golisano Childrens’ Hospital, and the USO.

Have a question or a concern about snowmobiling in NY? Give us a call at 888-624-3849 or contact us here. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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