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The NYSSA Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with the SLEDNY Educational Forum.

Who May be a Voting Delegate for a Club?
Voting Delegates must be current NYSSA members as of March 31 per NYSSA Bylaws, Article XIII, Sect 2 (c) 2.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Please include NYSSA ID.   Voting Delegates or Members attending only the Annual Meeting on Sunday must pre-register and pay $15.  If you are interested in being a Voting Delegate at the Annual Meeting for your Club, please contact your Club’s officers prior to registering to coordinate.  For family memberships all delegates must be listed in the NYSSA Online Membership System (Spouse, children 17/under).

How Many Delegates for Each Club?
ATTENTION CLUBS: Members must be entered in the NYSSA Online Membership System by March 31 for those memberships to be counted toward the Voting Delegate total. Each club is entitled to one (1) Delegate for every 30 NYSSA members in your club. For example: if your club has 63 NYSSA members you will be entitled to 3 Delegates. The number of Delegates your club is entitled to can be verified by contacting the NYSSA Office at (888) 624-3849 x103 or .

What happens at the NYSSA Annual Meeting?
Delegates arriving after Roll Call has ended will not be permitted to vote.  Hand stamps will be used so that Delegates may exit and re-enter the Annual Meeting if needed.  Each Club will appoint a speaker and that person will verify the number of Delegates during Roll Call at the start of the Annual Meeting.  Non-voting members must be registered and will be seated in a separate section of the room.  Reports on officer, committee, and staff activities will be given.  Bylaw Proposals for consideration will be sent 60 days prior, and the proposed budget will be sent 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Delegates will also vote on the 2015-2016 Budget and elect officers for the new season.

Registration details will be available soon.