Attention students and parents!
Application Deadline for NYSSA Scholarships is February 17, 2017!

2017 NYSSA Application
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Each year, NYSSA awards two $500 scholarships:

  • Norris Brusoe NYSSA Scholarship
  • Joan & Digger Vriessen NYSSA Scholarship

Only members of NYS Snowmobile Clubs will be eligible for these Scholarships.

(the following information will be printed when you print the application package, at right.)

NYSSA Scholarships: Applications are currently being accepted for two (2) $500 Scholarships. Only members of NYSSA Snowmobile Clubs as of January 1, 2017 will be eligible for the Norris Brusoe and for the Joan Vriessen Scholarships.

ACSA Scholarships: The top two New York applications will also be sent to the Northeast Chapter of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (NEC) Scholarship Committee, where they will compete against applications from other Northeast States for three (3) $500 scholarships.

Criterion: The NYSSA Scholarship Committee will review all applications and make its awards based upon academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service and the quality of the original essay submitted with each application. Financial need is a secondary criterion used in the selection of the winner. Completion of the financial need portion of the application is optional, however students who have provided a complete financial background will be given priority over those whose applications are incomplete when all other considerations are the same. Please make sure you include attachments 1 through 6 on the application.

The  essay should be about what snowmobiling means to you, or about snowmobiling in your state (economy, trails, environment) in five hundred (500) words or less.

  • Applicants must be graduating high school seniors who have been accepted at a College, Junior College, or Vocational School, or must be College Students who are already enrolled. The student’s Parent(s) or Guardian(s), or the Student if over 18, must be a member in good standing of NYSSA as of January 1, 2017.
    To obtain a NYSSA Club membership, go to:
  • Application, letter of acceptance at your college you will be attending, transcript of grades at high school or grade record of the college you are already attending, essay and recommendations must be received by NYSSA by February 17, 2017 as one package. All applications must be complete to be considered.
  • Applications must be received at the NYSSA Office on or before February 17, 2017. Late applications will not be considered!
  • The applications submitted to NYSSA will be answered by mail after judging.
  • The two top New York applications will be notified by the NYSSA Executive Director and will be forwarded to the Northeast Chapter of ACSA.

All application materials are considered Confidential, and will be limited to examination for their intended purpose only and become property of the NYSSA and the Northeast Chapter of ACSA.

Mail your application package to:

NYSSA – Attention Scholarships
PO Box 1040
Pine Bush, NY 12566

— must be received on or before February 17, 2017 to be considered.

Scholarship Recipients


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Justin Brinkmann
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Tyler McGough


2014 scholarship ashlynn cobb
Norris Brusoe Scholarship:
Ashlynn Cobb
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Shania Hacker


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Brittany Fitzgerald
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship:
Ryan Wager


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Katelyn Holman
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Chelsea Smith


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Brent Wilcox
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship:
Luke Taverne


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Katelyn Peaster (also won the NEC Scholarship of $500)
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Kelsey Donoghue


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: Megan Nuffer (also won the NEC Scholarship of $500)
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Brett Leidner


Norris Brusoe Scholarship: McKayla Nuffer (also won the NEC Scholarship of $500)
Norris Brusoe Scholarship:
Amy Renee Moore
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship:
Chelsea Shaw
Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship: Amanda Nevlezer


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