road crossingHave a Trail Complaint? Here is the procedure for doing something about it.

Trail Complaint Definition:

  1. signage felt to affect trail safety;
  2. discovered unsafe structures;
  3. grooming issues, only if there is evidence that no grooming is occurring.


  1. Trail complaints received by the NYSSA Office in any form shall be handled by the NYSSA Trail Coordinator and acknowledged to the complainant by the NYSSA office. Complaint submissions need to include the complainant’s name and contact information, a detailed description of the reasons for the complaint, and all trail and/or junction ID #s associated with the reason for the complaint.  To submit a complaint via e-mail,click here.  Or mail to the NYSSA Office address.
  2. Upon receipt of a complaint the NYSSA office will forward the complaint to the Trail Coordinator and the Trail committee chair by email. The Trail Coordinator is to acknowledge the complaint to the NYSSA Office within 48 hours of the message being sent.
  3. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Trail Coordinator is to investigate and determine the legitimacy of the complaint. This should be accomplished as soon as possible prior to any physical inspection of the trails.
  4. If the complaint is confirmed to be legitimate, the Trail Coordinator is to contact the respective District Director (if there is one) and the officers of the club in question to explain the complaint and seek out a resolution. The District Director and the club’s officers are expected to utilize all available options to come to a quick resolution, reporting back to the Trail Coordinator.
  5. Trail Coordinator will update the Safety and Education Committee at the next regular NYSSA Board meeting on each complaint, with nature of complaint and status or resolutions.
  6. Once a resolution is reached, the Trail Coordinator will notify the office who will notify the complainant. All complaints are taken as ANONYMOUS and will remain that way.  A pattern of receiving complaints that turn out to not be legitimate will be dealt with by not accepting complaints from that person(s).

NYS Parks Trail Signing Guidelines Handbook


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