Safety Courses

New York State is a leader in snowmobile education and offers one operator training course for snowmobilers of all ages beginning at age 10. This course provides fundamental information which all snowmobilers should possess in order to ensure the safety of riders and other trail users. Successful completion of this course results in the award of a NYS Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

Courses are taught by experienced snowmobilers who volunteer their time to make the sport safer and more enjoyable for everyone. They are usually sponsored by snowmobile clubs, agricultural extension offices, law enforcement agencies, or similar groups, and are available in fall and early winter.

View a list of courses being offered throughout New York State. This list is updated on a weekly basis during the snowmobile season.

NYS Snowmobilers Guide

NYS Parks provides printed copies of the NYS Snowmobilers Guide, which you may also access here online.  For a printed copy, please email your address to

Safety for Snowmobile Riders

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Tips for Safe Snowmobiling
Stay Right and Between the Stakes and yield to groomers

  • Be prepared for changing trail and weather conditions
  • Obey NYS snowmobiling laws
  • Always ride with another snowmobiler
  • NYSSA reminds riders that many snowmobile-related accidents would be prevented if every rider made the smart choice for zero alcohol.
  • It is recognized that riding a snowmobile is a voluntary activity that may be hazardous. Operating a snowmobile requires peak concentration and reactions at all times.

New York State Laws Regarding Snowmobiling

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