OPRHP Law § 25.09, Operation on highways and public lands; auth. by gvrmt agencies.

§ 25.09 Operation on highways and public lands; authorization by governmental agencies.

1. Highways. (a) Highways or portions thereof upon which snowmobile travel is permitted, when designated by a governmental agency as provided in section 25.05, shall be so designated, in the case of state highways by the state agency or authority having jurisdiction to regulate traffic thereon, in the case of county highways within a town outside of a city or village by the town governing body, in the case of county highways within a city or village by the city or village governing body, and in the case of city, town or village highways, by the city, town or village governing body, respectively. No county highway shall be designated without the prior written approval of the county superintendent of highways or commissioner of public works, as the case may be. Such designations shall be by regulation or order, if by a state agency or authority and by local law or ordinance, if by a governing body. (b) Such designated highways or portions thereof shall be identified by markers in such manner as may be provided by rules and regulations of the commissioner.
(c) All signs or markers shall be in conformity with the manual of uniform traffic control devices, and shall be erected at the expense of the state or municipality, provided however, that the municipality may accept funds or contributions therefor from private persons, clubs or associations interested in the promotion of snowmobiling. (d) Any regulation, order, local law or ordinance which designates a highway or portion thereof which may be used for snowmobile operation may include rules and impose restrictions and conditions, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, for the regulation and safe operation of snowmobiles on the highways so designated. Such regulation or order of the commissioner of transportation or local law or ordinance of a municipality may establish the minimum age of the operator and other reasonable requirements for operation on such highways, but may not require the operator of the snowmobile to possess a motor vehicle license and may not impose a fee for the use of such highways.

2. Property other than highways. In designating public lands, waters and properties other than highways which may be used for snowmobile operations, a governmental agency, other than a municipality, by regulation or order, and a municipality, by ordinance or local law, may impose restrictions and conditions, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, for the regulation and safe operation of snowmobiles on such public property, such as travel on designated trails, proof of liability insurance coverage for the snowmobile, minimum age of the operator, hours of operation, and other reasonable requirements, but may not require the operator of the snowmobile to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license or impose a fee for the use of such public lands or waters or access thereto, except the usual charge, if any, for the admission to such property, parking privileges or services provided.
3. Copies of all regulations, orders, local laws or ordinances adopted by such governmental agencies shall be filed with the office.

4. The provisions of this section shall not apply to operation as emergency vehicle.


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