OPRHP Law § 25.25, Accidents; reports.

§ 25.25 Accidents; reports.

1. The operator of any snowmobile involved in any accident resulting in injuries to or death of any person or in which property damage in the estimated amount of one thousand dollars or more is sustained, shall within seven days after such accident report the matter in writing to the office, with a copy thereof to the sheriff of the county in which said accident occurred. If such operator is physically incapable of making such report and there is another
participant in the accident not so incapacitated, such participant shall make the report within the allotted time after such accident. In the event that there is no other participant and the operator is other than the owner, then the owner shall within the prescribed period of time, after learning of the facts of such accident, report the matter to the office, together with such information as may have come to his knowledge relating to such accident. Every such operator of a snowmobile, or participant of any such accident, or the owner of the snowmobile involved in any such accident, shall make such other and additional reports as the commissioner shall require.

2. Whenever any snowmobile meets with an accident involving a loss of life, personal injury or damage to property and the operator thereof has knowledge of such accident, he shall stop and give his name and address, the name and address of the owner thereof and the registration number assigned to said snowmobile to the injured person or the person sustaining the damage, or to a peace or police officer. In the event the person sustaining the damage is not present at the place where the damage occurred, the operator shall, as soon as physically able, report the same to the nearest law enforcement agency.

3. A peace, police, or judicial officer who investigates or receives information of an accident involving a snowmobile shall make a written report of the investigation or information received, and such additional facts relating to the accident as may come to his knowledge and mail the same within forty-eight hours to the office and keep a record thereof in his office.

4. Failure of such persons to give notice of any accident requiring notice shall be prima facie evidence that such accident was not reported.


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