Railroad Law § 83-A, Operation of snowmobiles on railroad property.

§ 83-a.      Operation  of  motor  vehicles,  snowmobiles,  recreational
vehicles, and riding of animals on railroad property. Except in the case
of a railroad employee, contractor of the railroad corporation or public
official acting in the performance of his or her duties, no person shall
knowingly operate a motor vehicle,  snowmobile,  or  other  recreational
vehicle,  including  all terrain vehicles and motorcycles, or ride, lead
or drive any horse or other  animal  upon  abandoned  railroad  property
which  is  posted  to  prohibit  the  operation  of any such vehicles or
animals thereupon, or upon or along the track or tracks of an  operating
railroad  or within the fences or guards thereof, except across or along
streets or highways or at farm or forest crossings  where  necessary  to
cross  such  tracks  or  property. A violation of the provisions of this
section shall constitute a violation punishable by a fine  of  not  less
than  one  hundred  dollars  nor  more  than  two hundred fifty dollars.
Conviction for a second or subsequent violation  of  the  provisions  of
this  section shall be punishable by a fine of not less than two hundred
fifty nor more than five hundred dollars.


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